New Books from ECP

Eastern Christian Publications is pleased to offer several new titles to its growing catalog of books.

The Ratzinger Formula: A Catalyst for the Unfolding Dialogue Between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches on “Conciliarity and Primacy” by Richard A. Mattiussi.  373 pages.  $30.00.

The Formula itself was originally articulated in a lecture given by the then Fr. Joseph Ratzinger at an ecumenical gathering in Graz, Austria in 1976 … In sum, he proposed that the Catholic Church must not require any more of an adherence to the Roman Primacy from the Orthodox Churches than had existed in the first millennium. On the other hand, the Orthodox must not condemn as heretical the developments that took place within the Catholic Church during the second millennium… Hence, “the Ratzinger Formula” will hopefully provide a fundamentally dynamic starting point where sister churches from two distinct ecclesial worlds may seek common ground in search of a concrete model that will express full and complete Eucharistic Communion.—Richard A. Mattiussi, taken from the General Introduction

Leaving for, Living in, & Farewell to CHINA:  The Life Experiences of a Carmelite Nun by Mere Elisabeth.  206 pages. $20.00.

What difference is there between the star that stood over the manger where lay the Holy Child in Bethlehem, and the star on the red background of the flag of Communist China? An unexpected question! But if it were put to Mère Élisabeth, the author of this book, the answer would be even more surprising: “There is no difference!” Our Carmelite found the Peking Christians’ idea brilliant; to drape the Crib with the red silk of the Chinese flag in such a way that the star dominated the scene of the Nativity of the Saviour of all mankind. Recalling the separation from her Chinese Sisters whom she was to leave, Mère Élisabeth wrote: “Our Chinese Sisters are going to suffer in the heart of the surrounding atheism, the painful, perhaps long drawn-out birth of a new Christian China. May the sacrifice of our parting also make fruitful the harvest.” Those who hope that the dawn of democracy and liberty will arise over the vastness of China, and those who cannot see that it is in the simplicity of our lives that we can be men and women of light transforming the world, all will derive great benefit from reading this book.

—Mgr. Gérard Daucourt, Bishop of Troyes
President of the Episcopal Commission for Christian Unity

Ordo Celebrationis:  English-Latin Study Edition.  270 pages.  Spiral bound.  $20.00.

This is a special edition of the Ordo Celebrationis published by the Congregation for Eastern Churches in Rome and contains the rubrics and instructions for serving Verspers, Matins and the Divine Liturgy for a priest and deacon.  ECP first published an English edition of the Ordo in 1996 with illustrations and over 400 annotations added for education of today’s clergy.  At the request of many users of that publication, we now offer a parallel English-Latin edition of the TEXT ONLY.  The Latin edition was promulgated in 1952 by Cardinal Tisserant and is out of print.  ECP scanned the individual pages of that original edition and aligned the English text of our edition to those same pages.  We hope this study edition will be useful for liturgists and scholars in discovering the richness of the Ruthenian liturgical tradition.

Trebnyk of Peter Mohyla:  1646.  In Four Volumes.  1728 pages.  Hardbound.  Two-color printing.  $700.00.

In parallel to the 1639 Sluzhebnik (Liturgicon) of Saint Peter Mohyla of the Caves in Kiev, ECP is pleased to offer this facsimile reprint of the companion books containing texts and instructions for the Sacraments of the Eastern Slav Churches as practiced in the 17th century.  We have enhanced the original editions by dividing the unwieldy huge edition into four books, added Arabic page numbers and provided an English translation of the Table of Contents of the entire set in the front of each book.  Archimandrite Serge Keleher has also written a Preface for this edition, explaining its historical significance.

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