I have returned … !

After a VERY long period of empty posts (nearly 9 years!) I’m going to start writing weekly posts again announcing new books, new videos, upcoming events, prayer services and smartphone app, and occasional spiritual reflections. I hope you’ll enjoy Jack’s Corner News again!

Thanks for staying with me and ECP and OLF over these years. Now that FaceBook and other social media platforms are much more popular compared to plain old “blogs”, perhaps we won’t get quite the following we once had (over 20,000!).

I hope to write something every Sunday so you’ll find it when you return from Church in the morning, if you are able to attend services in-person, or after you watch your favorite live-streaming liturgy. There are SO MANY to choose from today, I don’t think our concept of prayer and attending liturgy will ever be the same in the future. Hopefully, when we can all safely go to church in-person, it will be a glorious celebration!

Jack Figel
Publisher, Eastern Christian Publications – new books coming soon
Chairman, Orientale Lumen Foundation and Conferences — OL XXVI in June
Producer, Orientale Lumen TeleVision (OLTV) – watch for exciting news soon!