My Stories – Volume 1: Boyhood


My life stories from my boyhood by Jack Figel.  150 pages, ~100 photos.


Stories from the day I was born until the day I graduated from college.

From the Foreword by Jack Figel

Over the years, as I’ve told people stories of my life, they have always said, “Jack, you should write a book!” So, I took them up on it and wrote this autobiography.
As I started to structure the stories, I discovered that 1) there were too many to fit into one reasonably sized book, and 2) I have thousands of pictures in my archives.  So, I have designed a 10 volume collection.

My dad was a photographer from day one, and I’ve graduated from an Instamatic to 35 mm to digital camera to smartphone. So, each of these volumes will contain stories and pictures with captions. Some will correspond, but in many cases, I have stories with no pictures or pictures with no stories. I’ve decided to include them all to leave a complete legacy.  150 pages, ~100 color photos, $25.00 .

Other volumes will be:

Vol 2:  Professional Career
Vol 3:  Publishing
Vol 4:  Ecumenical Conferences – Washington
Vol 5:  Ecumenical Conferences – Other
Vol 6:  Audiences
Vol 7:  Pilgrimages
Vol 8:  Family Heritage
Vol 9:  Collections
Vol 10:  Golfing























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