Theology, Ecology and Ecumenism


Three essays by John Chryssavgis on the current state of ecumenism and a vision of the future.


There is no doubt in my mind that, if the ecumenical movement is to have a credible, committed and courageous voice in our world, then it must return to the foundational principles of humility and sharing. And in order for this to occur, religious leaders must speak together against violence and greed; they must work together against aggression and exploitation. I am not proposing here some simplistic socio-political manifesto; this is my deep-seated  ecumenical conviction. Individual churches and communities cannot continue gazing within themselves or obsessing with one other; their focus should be outward-looking. That is what it means to be catholic, global, and truly ecumenical (John Chryssavgis). 90 pages.  $20.00. ISBN:  978-1-940219-69-1.


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