The Rosary: A Litany of Faith


A rosary companion using short statements of the faith and other prayers from the Christian East.


Typically, when praying the “mystery-clause” method of the Rosary, only one clause is added to the Hail Mary for each decade, which in itself is very helpful to those who struggle with staying focused. However, this “praiseworthy custom” can be taken one step further, by adding a different “clause” to each Hail Mary of all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, which is what you will find in this book. Another feature of this book, which in many ways is a continuation of My Rosary Companion: Praying the Rosary with the Christian East, is to introduce, especially Western Christians, to the theological beauty and wisdom of ancient Byzantine hymnography. 100 pages.  $15.00. ISBN:  978-1-940219-70-7.





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