Holy Allah, Holy All-Merciful One


An Essay in Interfaith Dialogue among Christians, Jews and Muslims, and comparing the Bible and the Qur’an.


Even though this title might seem far from Christian education, this book is an exercise in mystagogical catechesis, noting how Islam, Judaism, and Christianity worship the One, True God (Allah).  Celebrated passages from the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Bible are compared with one another like Surah (Chapter) 55 (“The Merciful”) of the former and Psalm 136 of the latter, Byzantine worship knowing it as the “Polyeleos” (Much Mercy) and Jewish worship as the Great Hallel (the Great Praise). The book takes an irenic approach in finding commonalities among the three Abrahamic monotheistic traditions, even in the face of contemporary Islamic extremism.  It’s a quick and easy read to learn the fundamentals of interfaith dialogue among the three great religions of the modern world.  92 pages with several color images.  $15.00. ISBN:  978-1-940219-66-0.



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