Eastern Christianity: The Byzantine Tradition


This booklet is an excellent introduction and overview of Byzantine Christianity, covering the history, theology, liturgy, and other traditions of both Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Paperback, Illustrated with over 40 photos.


In Eastern Christianity: The Byzantine Tradition, Fr. Lawrence Cross explores the traditions of the Eastern Christian Churches as both a serious study and in a manner understandable to the widest range of readership. It is a superb introduction for Western Christians without glossing over the subjects; it is a reminder and guide for Eastern Christians who wish to learn more of their own heritage without reading in-depth theological doctrine. All the important aspects of life as an Eastern Christian are covered: history, approaches to belief, the sacraments, style of worship, customs of the family, and the main characteristics of the artistic and spiritual life. The explanations of practice and belief are brief while being complete but avoid being merely an observer’s view. Eastern Christianity breathes the spirit of the East—both Catholic and Orthodox — in a remarkable way, giving a vivid feeling of the inner atmosphere of the life of Eastern Christians so that they can be truly recognized as brothers in Christ.

About the author:

Lawrence Cross was born in Sydney, Australia in 1943 and received most of his high school education on a choir scholarship from St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney. He graduated in Arts from the University of Sydney and later read history at St. John’s College, Oxford. Since 1981 he has taught theology on the Melbourne campus of the Australian Catholic University and is presently Senior Lecturer in the Sub- Faculty of Theology. His doctoral work has been in the area of ecumenical theology and the relationship of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church in particular. He was ordained to the diaconate in 1992 to serve the Russian Catholic Centre in Melbourne. He is under the jurisdiction of the Most Rev. Issam Darwich, Eparch of the Melkites, who raised him to the rank of Protodeacon in 1996. He is married to Diane White and has two sons, Nicholas and Patrick.

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