Comments from Attendees at OL XI Conferences

The following comments were received on the evaluation forms for the OL XI Conferences held in June in Washington, DC and San Diego, CA:

“I have been a priest for 32 years and have attended countless workshops and conferences. Orientale Lumen, which I have attended twice now, is the best conference I have ever attended. Thank you!”

“Meals together are super for education and fellowship.”

“Your program reaches down to the grass roots.”

“Great conference. Thank you.”

“OL Conferences provide the context and forum for ecumenism to proceed in the body of the Churches of different traditions and jurisdictions. Free of political issues, it is a meaningful experience each time.”

“The prospects for reunion are — or seem to be — more promising than they have ever been. I truly commend your efforts, and we must all work toward the reconciliation of our Churches. It is certainly God’s desire, and needs to be the wish and prayer of all of us. Thank you for a very special experience.”

“I appreciate the tremendous effort that goes into creating these events. Thank you. I’ll be back!”

“As usual, good conference — speakers were good.”

“Great opportunity, great conference.”

“The attention to detail and the fervor with which things are done is appreciated.”