EuroEast II Conference — Lubomyr Cardinal Husar

Regarding the Orientale Lumen Conference in Istanbul held in May 2007, “the presentations were non-confessional; at least, I did not feel the need to classify the speakers by their church membership. This impression was strengthened even further by my meeting on Thursday night with Archbishop Kallistos. To my mind, the whole relationship of the participants […]

Interview about Orientale Lumen Conferences

The online magazine of Paulist Press, The Catholic World, has just published this past week an extensive interview with Archbishop Vsevolod of Scopelos and myself concerning the Orientale Lumen Conferences.  The questions we were asked caused me to think about some of our significant accomplishments and highlights of our ten-year history.  It was actually fun answering […]

Comments from Attendees at OL XI Conferences

The following comments were received on the evaluation forms for the OL XI Conferences held in June in Washington, DC and San Diego, CA: “I have been a priest for 32 years and have attended countless workshops and conferences. Orientale Lumen, which I have attended twice now, is the best conference I have ever attended. […]

Criticisms and Replies about the OL Conferences

At each Orientale Lumen Conference, we distribute an Evaluation Form to participants and ask them to rate each of the sessions, various aspects about the conference, and generally give us their feedback for improvements for next year. Last week, I posted the positive feedback. I thought I should also post some of the less favorable […]

OL XVI Conference to Discuss “Theology of the Laity”

The Orientale Lumen XVI Conference this year will be held June 18-21, 2012 at the Washington Retreat House in Washington, DC on the theme of “Theology of the Laity.”  We will be honored with the presence of several outstanding speakers, including: Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia (Orthodox), Professor Emeritus of Oxford University, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople […]

OL XV Conference Registration Deadline

Just a reminder that April 1 is the deadline for registration for the Orientale Lume XV Conference for the reduced fee of $225 per person.  After that the fee will be $245 per person with final registrations due by June 1st. Our plans include a great theme, terrific speakers, a convenient venue, and even a […]