My Paschal Pilgrimage — Part 2

The flight from Bratislava to Kosice was uneventful on Monday April 21, except for having to pay extra for the overweight baggage that was traveling with me, containing various books, presents and video recording equipment. Uzhgorod is right next to the border with Slovakia and its airport only services domestic Ukrainian cities. So the most […]

My Paschal Pilgrimage – Part 1

After last December’s success of the Christmas Hymns recording I made of the Uzhgorod Seminary Choir of the Eparchy of Mukachevo, Ukraine (over 300 CDs and 100 DVDs were sold in one month!), I thought that more recordings of Plain Chant (Prostopinije) singing from the Carpathian Mountains by that choir could also be successful. So […]

Criticisms and Replies about the OL Conferences

At each Orientale Lumen Conference, we distribute an Evaluation Form to participants and ask them to rate each of the sessions, various aspects about the conference, and generally give us their feedback for improvements for next year. Last week, I posted the positive feedback. I thought I should also post some of the less favorable […]

Comments from Attendees at OL XI Conferences

The following comments were received on the evaluation forms for the OL XI Conferences held in June in Washington, DC and San Diego, CA: “I have been a priest for 32 years and have attended countless workshops and conferences. Orientale Lumen, which I have attended twice now, is the best conference I have ever attended. […]

Announcing a Historic Reprint of The Ruthenian Recension

In the first half of the twentieth century, bishops from the group of eparchies around the world known as “Ruthenian” within the Catholic Church (churches associated with both the Unions of Brest and Uzhorod), petitioned Rome to promulgate an official set of liturgical texts in Church Slavonic for their usage. This movement of standardization also […]

Announcing Reprint of a Greek-English Divine Liturgy Book

I’m happy to announce a new book from Eastern Christian Publications.  Here are further details from the Introduction by the editors, Archimandrite Serge Keleher and myself: “Eastern Christian Publications takes pride in presenting a long-overdue reprint of J. N. W. Robertson’s 1894 Greek-English service book.  The book is actually a Greek Ieratikon with a parallel English translation – […]