Lenten Books Featured

As we all begin the Great Fast of Forty Days in preparation for the celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord, I would like to draw your attention to a few special products available from Eastern Christian Publications.  They either have Lent as their theme, or are spiritually oriented and would be appropriate material for personal reflections during this period of renewal.
They include:
E06 Our Paschal Pilgrimage by Bishop Basil Losten — $10.00 
           Explanations of the liturgical services during Lent and Holy Week
E14 Journey Through the Great Fast — $5.00 
           Daily meditations by over 40 clergy and lay persons for the Great Fast
E44 The Holy Encounter by Robert Slesinski — $10.00
           Scriptural and liturgical reflections of the encounter of Christ with Simeon
E49 The Holy Transfiguration by Robert Slesinski — $15.00
           How the Feast of the Holy Transfiguration is relevant to us today
E73 The Pentekostarion by Robert Slesinski — $15.00
           Liturgical explanations of Holy Week and the season from Pascha to Pentecost
E51 Good News from the East: Volume I by John Zeyack — $15.00
E52 Good News from the East: Volume II by John Zeyack — $15.00
E53 Good News from the East: Volume III by John Zeyack — $15.00
E54 Good News from the East: Volume IV by John Zeyack — $15.00
           Each volume above contains Sunday homilies for the Byzantine liturgical year
E32 Come Follow Me by Justin Rose — $20.00 
           Parish renewal  program and scripture study for adult catechesis

Coloring Books for Children (line drawing icons, 8.5×11 size, about 20 per book)
A11 Feasts – major feast days of the liturgical year — $5.00
A12 Saints – major saints of the Church — $5.00
A15 Lent and Pascha – Sundays of the Great Fast and after Easter — $5.00
A17 Parables – stories from Christ that explain a lesson — $5.00

Prayer Booklets for Children: (large print, clipart, simple explanations for children)
A51 Bless Us O Lord 1: My First Prayers – Teaching Basic Prayers – $5.00
A52 Bless Us O Lord 2: Understanding My Prayers – The Creed/Our Father – $5.00
A53 Bless Us O Lord 3: My Daily Prayers – Morning and Evening Prayers – $5.00

You can order online at: www.ecpubs.com
Or call 703-691-8862.

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