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New Books Now Available

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Three new books are now available from Eastern Christian Publications.  They include:

Introduction to Liturgical Services and Their Symbolism in the Eastern Church.
This book is a wonderful educational summary of many traditions of the Eastern Christian Churches by Patriarch Gregorios III (Laham), primate of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church.  He covers liturgy, prayer, icons, feast days, vestments, foods, and many other topies with many photos and detailed explanations.  Paperback.  Illustrated.  204 pages.  $20.00.

Liturgical Renewal in the Twentieth Century
By Father Vladimir Vukosinovic, a Serbian Orthodox priest living near Belgrade, this book provides an Orthodox perspective on liturgical renewal in the Roman Catholic Church over the last 100 years and relates those changes to his own Orthodox tradition.  Originally published in Serbian, this English translation will now make this valuable perspective available to a wider audience.  Paperback.  290 pages.  $20.00.

The Holy Transfiguration:  A Symphonic Presentation
This is the third book by Father Robert Slesinski, a Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic priest and theologian that gives a deep but easily understood theological explanation for sacraments and feast days.  His first was on the Eucharist and second on the feast of the Holy Encounter of Christ with Simeon in the Temple.  Paperback.  120 pages.  $15.00.

These books are now available for purchase by calling 703-691-8862 or by ordering online from the New Titles page at: