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New Website Coming

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Watch this space for new announcements about our new OLTV website, coming soon (hopefully by September 1 or sooner!).  The new site will be easier to navigate, provide true video streaming technology (including fast forward, rewind, etc.), and more, new programs.

Our video programs currently include the various plenaries and liturgical services of past OL Conference, and a few special events that I have recorded in various parts of the world.  Many programs that we have available on DVD have not yet been uploaded to the website, but the new site will make that faster and easier.

Some of the new shows will include:

  • Lectures by Metropolitan Kallistos on Mystical Theology and the Church Fathers, and Archimandrite Robert Taft on Historical, Spiritual and Theological aspects of Liturgy
  • Theological talks on the Eucharist and Baptism by Father David Anderson, and involuntary sin by Father Maximos of the Holy Resurrection Monastery in California.
  • Special liturgical events such as the Patriarchal Divine Liturgy at the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls in Rome celebrated by Patriarch Gregorios, and the concluding Divine Liturgy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Synod meeting in Washington.
  • The liturgical services of Holy Week and Pascha, and also several Divine Liturgies at Christmas, from TransCarpathia, Ukraine.
  • Audio and Video recordings of the most popular books from Eastern Christian Publications, read by their respective authors including Archimandrite Robert Taft, Father Lawrence Cross and Father Justin Rose.

We hope everyone likes the new design and enjoys all the content we will be providing.  The new site will also request financial donations — no fixed subscription fee for viewing the videos — from viewers so that we can continue to record, edit and produce more programs in the future.

For a sneak preview, you can see the site under construction at:

OL Foundation Tax Status

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

I’m pleased to inform everyone that the Orientale Lumen Foundation, created for the purpose of providing financial support for the various activities of the OL Conferences and OLTV, has been approved as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the IRS.  This means that contributions in the future will be tax deductible on Federal tax returns by our donors.

We are in the process of redesigning our OLTV website to accept donations by credit card, and will also be sending out announcements and requests for donations to our customers.

In the meantime, if you are feeling generous, and would like to make a donation to the OL Foundation for our various ecumenical, evangelization, education and spiritual enrichment programs, please send your contributions to the following address, or contact us:

OL Foundation
PO Box 192
Fairfax, VA  22038-0129

Phone:  703-691-8862
Fax:  703-691-0513
New Website:

I hope this new foundation will provide the financial stability in the future for continuing OLTV and OL Conferences forever.

New Books — Now and Future

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Eastern Christian Publications has published several new books in recent months, and a few more are planned for the near future:

Finding A Hidden Church, Father Christopher Zugger, 382 pages, paperback with 70+ photos.  $30.00.  The wondrous tale of the underground life and revival of the Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church in the former Soviet Union.  A comprehensive documentary of the recent history of the persecution and resurrection of the Eparchy of Mukachevo in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

Good News from the East, Volumes III and IV, Father John Zeyack, 150+ each, paperback. $15.00 each.  Homiletic reflection for the entire Byzantine Liturgical Year, given in an easy-to-read text.  “My dad, in his late 70’s now, has learned more about faith from these books than all his years of schooling and experience, and can’t put them down once he starts reading them!” — Jack Figel

Image, Symbol and Mystery, Father Lawrence Cross and Joseph Leach, 150+ pages, paperback. $15.00.  This book explains the Sacraments of the Eastern Churches in simple terms but in depth, and in relation to the sacramental forms of the Roman Catholic Church.  It’s a great book of catechesis for Eastern and Western Christians alike.

These titles are now available on the ECPubs website online catalog under New Titles:

Other books to look for from ECP in the next few months include:

Introduction to Liturgical Services and their Symbolism in the Eastern Church by Patriarch Gregorios III

Liturgical Renewal in the Twentieth Century by Father Vladimir Vukosinovic

God’s Holy Fire:  The Theology of Icons by Father Lawrence Cross

The Holy Transfiguration:  A Symphonic Presentation by Father Robert Slesinski