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OL Conference Updates

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

With just three weeks to go, more details about the OL XIII Conference on June 15-18 in Washington, DC are being finalized.

First, we have over 75 registrations already, more than the total attendance at last year’s OL XII East conference!  There is still room for more, but time is running short for our limited sleeping accommodations.  So I encourage anyone who is considering coming to hurry and register at our website as soon as possible:  OL XIII Conference


Second, a great article about the conferences has appeared on the Catholic Exchange website by Tom Colyandro, and can be seen at Catholic Exchange.


Third, Father Tom Loya interviewed me on his “Light of the East” radio program which was broadcast today, May 24, and is now available to listen to on various websites that carry his program, including his own parish at Light of the East Radio.


Fourth, we have finalized arrangements to visit Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Fairfax, Virginia as part of the conference agenda.  All the conference participants will be transported by charter bus from Washington to Fairfax where we will attend Vespers according to the Coptic Church Tradition, and the parish will provide a marvelous meal of ethnic food.  The OL Conference visited Saint Mark’s about 8-10 years and had an extremely exciting visit to the parish.  Vespers will be celebrated in mostly the Coptic language of Egypt, but with English parallel texts.  The singing will be led by a group of 40+ subdeacons with finger cymbal background.  The food will be delicious and plentiful.  It was one of the best parish visits we have made over the years, and I’m thrilled to be returning.


Finally, the detailed agenda of speakers, times and dates is now available to view or download from the website too.


Although the talks and liturgical services will be recorded and made available through OLTV and our OL Conference website, there is nothing like experiencing them first hand.  This is a very unique opportunity to meet the distinguished speakers who will be giving presentations on the conference theme “Monastic Spirituality for Everyday Life” and a special opportunity to pray with others and learn about their Church tradition.


I look forward to seeing many old friends, and to making new friends at this year’s conference.  Come join us!

Video Broadcasting for OLTV

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

As many know, we started Orientale Lumen TeleVision with the following goals in mind:


*   Present the tradition of the Byzantine Churches to our faithful coming from the homelands in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


*   Help the faithful of the Byzantine Churches to be more aware of their tradition, to know it, to deepen it, and preserve it in a pure conscience.


*   Help our brothers and sisters of Latin traditions to have a real, clear and inspiring insight of our Eastern traditions, as belonging to One Church with an Eastern flavor.


*   Share with all citizens of these countries the richness of the Eastern tradition,


*   Help the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church breathe with two lungs, as Saint Irenaeus said and after him, the late Pope John Paul II.


I have done some research into various options, technologies and the costs for taking our existing OLTV programs into some form of broadcast distribution so people can watch them on their TVs in addition to their computers. In order to gather market data for making decisions and planning our future, I have created a web-accessible survey at the following link:




I would very much appreciate if you could complete the survey (it’s only about 7-8 questions) so we can more accurately plan our future for OLTV based on your input.  THANKS!