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Fee Discounts for OL XII North in Detroit

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

We have just completed our Orientale Lumen XII East Conference in Washington, and will be going to OL XII West, in San Diego, on Monday.  Then, July 7 through 10, we will hold our first OL Conference in the middle of the country, in Detroit, Michigan.  Our Theme this year for all of these is “Feast Days of the Eastern Churches”, and our speakers and panels have been wonderful.  The comments from attendees at the Washington conference comments have been excellent – some suggesting it’s the best program yet!  See one person’s comments below.


With our great program this year (most of the speakers from Washington will also be in Detroit) we would like to have as many people as possible come to our first Detroit Conference, lay persons and clergy alike.  So, we have reduced the price for Conference by half – a discount of $200 from the announced fees.  We know the recent high gas prices are causing everyone to curtail travel, so we have reduced our prices to help make the conference more affordable. 


Do you know friends or relatives in the Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and other nearby areas that might enjoy coming to our conference?  If so, please forward this information to them. 


Would you like to come, even at this last minute?  Please visit the website on the link below to register online, or download the registration form and fax it in immediately. 


Thank you,
Jack Figel
Orientale Lumen Conferences
For full conference details and to register go to 


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Time is running out.


In case you (or someone you know) may still be undecided about attending OL XII North, July 7-10, at the Retreat Center at St. John’s, in Plymouth, MI. I encourage you to visit the conference web site ( and take a closer look at this unique opportunity. There are spaces available both for the Michigan conference and for OL XII West in San Diego, June 23-26.


I attended OL XII East, held at the John Paul II Center in DC, which ended today. It was an unforgettable experience! The speakers were outstanding. Five of them will also be speaking in Detroit and San Diego:


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. a pioneer in ecumenical dialog, whose video talk on the structure of Byzantine liturgical worship sets the stage for the conference; Fr. Robert Taft, S.J.,


the world’s leading expert on Eastern Liturgy, whose thoughtful and scholarly analysis will provide new insights into the meaning and purpose of liturgical feasts;


Sister Vassa Larin, a Russian Orthodox nun and daughter of an Orthodox priest, working on her doctorate with Fr. Taft, whose thoughtful analysis of the structures of Byzantine liturgical celebration, coupled with her own experiences in Europe and America, will give an added dimension to your understanding of feasts and fasts;


Fr. Tom Loya, whose presentation will demonstrate the achievements of his own Byzantine Catholic parish in successfully integrating iconography and liturgy with daily life; and


Dr. Richard Schneider, an acknowledged expert on iconography, a professor at Canada’s York University and at St. Vladimir’s Seminary, who will provide new insights into the role of icons in the liturgical life of Eastern Christians.


They will be joined in Detroit by Bishop Ibrahim of the Chaldean Church and Archbishop Nathaniel of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate).


Over the past few days here in DC, I have learned much, not only from these and other individual presentations, which ranged in scope and style from the scholarly to the practical and pastoral, but also from the many insightful comments of other speakers on the various presentations, the thoughtful questions and observations of the clergy and lay participants, the informal exchanges with men and women from across the country, and the opportunities to join in liturgical prayer with Christians from so many different churches.


If your own schedule does not allow you to be there, please share this message with anyone you think may be interested. Opportunities like this do not come often.


in Christ,


Tim Stock