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Orientale Lumen TV is Launched

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Orientale Lumen has launched an internet-based TV website. The initial programming will include video presentation recordings from OL Conferences. Future programming planned include commentary, other conferences and messages of interest to the Orientale Lumen, Eastern Christian Publications and Bulletin services and Catholics in general.

The mission of OLTV is to help Eastern Christians in America reinforce their religious traditions, and educate themselves and their families. OLTV will also provide newly arrived Eastern Christian immigrants maintain contact with their homeland. In addition, OLTV will help western Christians (Roman Catholics and Protestants) become more aware of the Eastern Churches. You may visit the website at

EuroEast II Conference — Lubomyr Cardinal Husar

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Regarding the Orientale Lumen Conference in Istanbul held in May 2007, “the presentations were non-confessional; at least, I did not feel the need to classify the speakers by their church membership. This impression was strengthened even further by my meeting on Thursday night with Archbishop Kallistos. To my mind, the whole relationship of the participants was not just a buddy-buddy friendship but something that I imagine could be considered as a foretaste of perfect communion – realized unity.”

“I feel that the extraordinary atmosphere which so impressed me was due to the absence of political ambitions. All I can ask of you is please continue gathering us.”

Comments from Lubomyr Carinal Husar, Archbishop of Kiev-Halych, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

New Books from Eastern Christian Publications

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

In our continuing effort to make interesting and valuable texts available through digital publication methods, Eastern Christian Publications is proud to announce three new monographs on three very different topics.

abeliaszoghby-s1.jpg1. Suzane Mary Aboueid has just completed her Master’s Degree from the Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We have published her thesis entitled Archbishop Elias Zoghby and Orthodox-Catholic Reconciliation: An Exposition in Light of Contemporary Ecumenical Thought. [book cover]

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It includes:
• a short history of the schism and ecumenical endeavors of the Byzantine Churches of the Patriarchate of Antioch (Melkite and Antiochian Orthodox)
• a short biography of Archbishop Elias (known for his proposed “dual” Profession of Faith among the Churches of Antioch and the Churches of Rome and Constantinople)
• a synopsis of Archbishop Elias’ work in the areas of ecumenism
• a commentary and evaluation of the archbishop’s recent ecumenical initiatives
• evaluative remarks, conclusion and future development

themysticalshroud-s.jpg2. The second recent book is entitled The Mystical Shroud: An Ecumenical Perspective by James Damon. This work uses the light mysticism and iconographic imagery of the Byzantine East to examine the Shroud of Turin. [book cover]

The book contains many figures from the shroud and other icons of the East that demonstrate the points presented. This leads to the positive identification of the Shroud man and a mystical understanding of the Resurrection that explains the image formation.  [click to go to catalog]

restorationrole-s1.jpg3. Some years ago, Raphael Lombardi provided us with his thesis text for a Licentiate Degree entitled The Restoration of the Role of the Patriarch of the West. With recent discussions about Church ecclesiology, and the role of the Bishop of Rome in the Catholic-Orthodox International Dialogue, we thought publishing this work might be helpful to the discussion.

The book presents two groups of evidence – one in favor of the patriarchal institution and one opposed. Several conclusions are drawn at the end of the book. The author suggests that the exercise of the role of papal ministry in the Church is the sole dividing point preventing the unity of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. He further proposes that the role of the Patriarch of the West, if fully understood and functioning, could replace the problems that arose from the papal claims of Vatican I. [book cover]

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