Eastern Christian Publications

The Byzantine Daily Office (BDO)

Eastern Christian Publications is pleased to offer an electronic form of the Byzantine Daily Office, daily prayers according to the tradition of the Eastern Christian Churches of Constantinople (Byzantium).  The BDO includes the full prayer text for Morning and Evening Prayers for Persons in the World, and the First, Third, Sixth and Ninth Hours.  We also provide all the changeable parts needed for each day according to the Byzantine Ruthenian Typicon.

We offer two basic versions — BDO Email and BDO Audio

BDO Email:  a daily subscription service that sends an email to you every day with the next day’s Daily Office prayers.

1) BDO Complete:   The full text of Morning and Evening Prayer, and the First, Third, Sixth and Ninth Hours, for private prayer of a lay person or a priest, with all the changeable parts (troparia for the saint of the day, the festal season, the day of the week, and the hour). (6 x 10 minutes per day.)

2) BDO Lite:   Morning and Evening Prayer with only one of the optional prayers pre-selected each day, and the Sixth Hour with only one of three pslams and the changeable prayers.  (3 x 6 minutes per day.)

3) BDO Propers:  The changeable parts of each Hour for that particular day.  (1-2 minutes per day.) You get all three versions each day and so have complete flexibility to use whatever prayers your busy schedule allows. Your copy will be distributed by email each evening for the following day.  Use it on your desktop, laptop, or any other portable device where you get email. It will be complete and contain all the prayers you need to pray anywhere/anytime!

BDO Audio:  recordings of daily prayers in a generic form for each day of the week that you can download to your portable audio device or play from a CD. Three prayer services are now available as audio recordings — Morning Prayer, the Sixth Hour, and Evening Prayer.  Seven versions of each are provided on each CD or album, one track of 10-12 minutes each, for each day of the week.  Order a CD version to play in your car on the way to work, at home on you stereo, or to carry with you on your portable CD player.  Buy a copy for your children or grandchildren as they get ready to go away to college.

Comments we have received so far include:

— I think this a great service that will inspire priests to pray more than just having the daily Divine Liturgy. There is no question in my mind that unless and until priests pray more than just the Daily Liturgy, God will not abundantly bless the works of his hands in his priestly ministry.
— The spirituality of these prayers which, when said with the heart, leaves nothing more to be said to God, as they allow a complete emptying of oneself in an effort to express love to God. These are truly the church’s rich gifts, other than the eucharist, that God has given to us. Thank you!
— BDO is one of your best ideas ever. I love it and use it on my iPhone. The .pdf format seems to work just fine. Sure, an app would be cool, but this is already such a great help. Don't have to carry around books. I always have my iPhone with me. Now I also have the Divine Office with me as well. This is a game-changer. Every priest, deacon, monastic and layperson should try this out. If it does not improve your participation in the prayer of the Church, you will have only yourself to blame. Even those accustomed to other translations will appreciate what Jack Figel has done for all of us.

More detailed information can be found by clicking on the text WHY PRAY, INTRO, or FAQ.  You can view samples of previous editions by clicking on NORMAL SAMPLE or LENTEN SAMPLE. Right-click (or control-click) to download the PDF document.